Stick War 2

Stick War 2 is an addicting strategy game where you control your army and defend the enemies.Tired of boring daily life? Just devote yourself to the game world called Inamorata. Unite your people to make Inamorata more peaceful and wealthier.

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Instructions of StickWar 2

As a newbie of the Stick War 2, this instructions is necessary before you start you great war. If you skip the instructions, you might be overwhelmed at first. . I can feel the eager of starting stick war 2. For the high quality of experience, just sit patiently before your computer and learn the instruction.stickwar-2-2

How To Play Stick War 2

The goal of the game is to defend the evil enemies. You can control 2 teams, one is to fight and the other to collect wealth to make weapons and buildings. In a word, it is a starcraft-like game. You are more like a king of the nation.
When you are playing Stick War 2, your gold, mana and population are shown on the top of screen. They are both important to maintain your nation work safely. Gold and Mana can be gathered by miners. Mana is used to build more advanced units, research technologies and use abilities. Gold is used to build units. Evil enemies are coming and they are ruining anything they meet, including units and buildings.
The resource is limited due to the unlimited need. You should decide which building and units are more important and how much resource you will spend on them. Technology is the key of a battle. You can upgrade them in different buildings accordingly. Remember to leave enough resources to make unites. It is very dangerous to concentrating on technologies and ignore your defending.
There are strategies that you should always remember in your mind while you are playing Stick War 2.

Game Controls

Left click to select units.
Right click to move or attack enemies.
A to toggle attack move mode.
H to hold position.
Space to select all unites.
Shift to Hold while issuing commands to queue.

Background of Stick War 2

It is a long time after the gorgeous conquering, the Order Empire’s light seems to be dim. Many conquered areas rebelled and wanted to be against your leadership. It is your role to conquer them again like what you did many years ago. You give them a lesson about the Empire’s inviolable dignity. Only death and blood can quell your anger.


Jason Whitham (CRAZYJAY), Brock White, & Winston Zhang.